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The dreaded car seat is no problem now with Quinnie Clip

Getting your child into their car seat without any problems is unfortunately a rare occurrence. It seems that no matter how hard you try to make it a smooth and easy process there is always some sort of fuss. Some children simply dread being buckled up and you find yourself constantly running late. The revolutionary Quinnie Clip will solve your car seat problems, getting you and your child on the road quickly without all the protests. No fuss, no tears, just safety!

How it Works

Quick, Easy & Effortless

Quinnie Clips innovatively attaches to the back of the car seat, reaching out to rest in a horizontal ā€œLā€ shape to the sides of the seat. On the end are large clips to hold the car seat straps when it is not in use. This way, when you place your child in the seat, the straps are conveniently located by their sides. You will no longer have to search around the seats or pull the straps out from underneath your child, inciting a panic. Once your child is seated comfortably, you pinch down on the Quinnie Clips to release the car seat straps. Swiftly click the straps into the seat and you are good to go!

Why you need it

Quinnie Clip is the easy solution to a big problem. Whether your child likes being buckled in or not, you cannot take them on the road unless they are safely secured. The clips will change the way your children look at safety because the process of getting them in the car is now effortless, leaving them no time to freak out and panic. Quinnie Clip stops the fussing and fighting, making every car trip a piece of cake.

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